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Dynamic-link library files (DLL) such as g2i.dll or g2p.dll are extremely used under Windows operating system. They contain one or several functions and can be used by different programs. In fact they represent external compiled subprograms, widely distributed in most programming languages ActiveX control elements and drivers can also be represented as a DLL library ocx, g400d.dll or g606f32w.dll. As opposed to static libraries (these are with the .lib extension) dynamic libraries such as g606t32w.dll or g610f32w.dll are not connected to executable files by the links editor. Libraries themselves, e.g. g611f32w.dll or g614f32w.dll, are being loaded in a program execution moment, and an operating system rules the process. DLL files save RAM.

First Windows operating system versions and its applications were strongly limited in a memory span, but simultaneously used similar functions. They decided to improve the work at the expense of modularity connecting different libraries on different stages and changing them by each other, e.g. g615t32w.dll or g614t32w.dll. With the growth of an operating system and its applications the number of DLLs was increasing, and now their quantity comes up to a few tens of thousands ocx. As a result some conflicts between libraries began to emerge and the desired file version search (e.g. a necessity to download g622f32w.dll or ga62.dll) will turn into a problem. Some situations often happen when a DLL (e.g. gaffer.dll or GalactiX.dll) required by some program can be deleted when deinstalling another application. You can find popular libraries ocx and download Galaxy.dll rare files (such as g2i.dll download) in our database.

On the page is represented the DLL files catalog including g2i.dll, g2p.dll, g400d.dll and g606f32w.dll, situtated in an alphabetical order and also a top-list containing the most 30 asked-for libraries. If you didn't find the desired DLL - thus this element doesn't exist in our database yet. But you can jump to the File Request section and leave a request. Our experts will find a needed library, place it in the directory and notify you about this by e-mail.


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